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I am Teresa Deason, founder of Point of Volition.  For the past 14 years, I’ve been helping healthcare organizations create systems to deliver reliable top quartile performance while improving patient, physician & staff satisfaction.  I have done this through transforming the business culture - something many said could not be done!

 In my Business Culture Assessment, you can immediately score yourself on these five essential pillars that contribute to a high performing business culture.

How does your company score on Clarity of True North Goals, Leadership Involvement, Team Engagement, Continuous Improvement and Daily Accountability?

To find out, download my FREE Business Culture Assessment. This tool will allow you to identify areas that may need to be realigned, to ensure everyone in your organization is empowered and working at their best!

You will immediately discover if your organization has a high-performing culture that makes achieving your True North Goals possible:

  • Do you have complete clarity on the TRUE NORTH GOALS that your organization “must do & can’t fail” at?
  • Is your LEADERSHIP TEAM engaged and focused on the growth of your organization?
  • Is your organization filled with HIGHLY ENGAGED and EMPOWERED TEAMS that are energized and ready to achieve those your True North Goals?
  • How dedicated is your entire organization in practicing CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT?
  • Are your performance and ACCOUNTABILITY MEASURES as close to "real time" as possible?

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The Tips for Immediate Action Includes suggestions for improvement for companies at all stages of the growth life-cycle, providing ideas that you can immediately implement.


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“When you work with Teresa, you can feel her investment in the process – and her commitment to facilitate the team to a significant improvement.  In the time since we were partnered on projects, I have repeatedly relied on the rigor and discipline that she instilled about running a successful improvement event.  Our team is built on the foundation that she taught us – following a method to deliver outstanding results, each & every time.”
Executive Director of Performance Improvement

“Teresa Deason has helped our organization make substantial improvements using Lean principles. Her practical knowledge of Lean tools and methods can help any workplace improve quality while at the same time reducing costs. She is energetic, enthusiastic and masterful at facilitating people through change."
Chief Improvement Officer, Healthcare

“Teresa has a deep understanding of the principles of continuous improvement and of how to help senior leaders think, organize and develop their organization's management system (operating system). In addition to helping us develop and implement leader training in improvement, she guided our efforts to successfully implement a Daily Management System across our five hospitals and many of our corporate support service areas, including thousands of staff, and hundreds of directors, hospital vice presidents and CEO's, and corporate leaders.”
CEO Hospitals