Servant Leaders:  
Are you still searching for the right formula to affect change
and achieve high performance results? 

By working with us, your culture will change, so that
your entire group will be committed to take purposeful actions
to achieve high performing results.

If you're scrambling to achieve better results (who isn't in this environment?), I can help you develop your custom plan, and provide the support and education that you will need.

When you are ready and committed to make the changes that you know are necessary, I call that the Point of Volition

This is the point where you believe it is right and necessary to make a change, and you are seeking assistance to affect a permanent, positive change.

Volition is the cognitive process by which an individual decides on
and commits to a particular course of action

I'm Teresa Deason

I have worked in high-pressure environments where my job security was tied to achieving organization results. I was stressed and working long hours until I discovered how to use an improvement methodology to stabilize, improve & grow my business.

Now, I'm sharing what I've learned so that you too can discover and use this methodology to improve your business!!!

Through working with me, I can shorten your learning curve, and the journey to positive, effective change in your business.

The ways that we can work together.


Improvement workshops are proven to engage the 'hearts & minds' of your team to become skillful at continuous improvement & servant leadership.

Whether on-site or webinar based, improvement workshops are focused on your unique business needs.

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Coaching sessions are designed to help you master key principles & practices that will lead to high performance.

We work together to create the plan and utilize a combination of 1:1 and group coaching sessions to create your culture of high performance.

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Mastermind Groups

Industry leaders across several organizations come get together in a trusting environment to discuss concerns and crowdsource solutions.

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Online self study courses

These self-paced courses are designed for the learner to immediately apply the concepts included in the course curriculum.

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Self-score your Business Culture
PLUS my Tips for Improvement

How does your organization score on our Business Culture Assessment?  Self-score your business on the five essential pillars that contribute to a high performing business culture. 

And see my tips for improvement based on your organization's individual score

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“When you work with Teresa, you can feel her investment in the process – and her commitment to facilitate the team to a significant improvement.  In the time since we were partnered on projects, I have repeatedly relied on the rigor and discipline that she instilled about running a successful improvement event.  Our team is built on the foundation that she taught us – following a method to deliver outstanding results, each & every time.”
Executive Director of Performance Improvement

“Teresa Deason has helped our organization make substantial improvements using Lean principles. Her practical knowledge of Lean tools and methods can help any workplace improve quality while at the same time reducing costs. She is energetic, enthusiastic and masterful at facilitating people through change."
Chief Improvement Officer, Healthcare

“Teresa has a deep understanding of the principles of continuous improvement and of how to help senior leaders think, organize and develop their organization's management system (operating system). In addition to helping us develop and implement leader training in improvement, she guided our efforts to successfully implement a Daily Management System across our five hospitals and many of our corporate support service areas, including thousands of staff, and hundreds of directors, hospital vice presidents and CEO's, and corporate leaders.”
CEO Hospitals

"I have worked with Teresa Deason for the past three years. She has helped our organization make substantial improvements using Lean principles. Her practical knowledge of Lean tools and methods can help any workplace improve quality while at the same time reducing costs. She is energetic, enthusiastic and masterful at facilitating people through change."
John N. - Chief Improvement Officer, Healthcare

About Lean Synergy & Solutions and Point of Volition

About Us

We build on our consulting success in diverse industries by creating systems to deliver reliable & sustainable results. Our focus on management systems has resulted in dramatic operational and quality improvement, cost reduction, employee safety and staff engagement.

We partner with our clients in extraordinary ways. We begin by asking the question, "How can we ensure that your organization continues to improve long after the coach leaves?" Our work with clients includes:

  • Establishing a Management System that creates aligns the entire organization
  • Certifying Continuous Improvement Leaders who will ensure that this is a long term, generational effort
  • Certifying internal consultants in Continuous Improvement tools including Rapid Process Improvement, 5S for Work Place Organization, Value Stream Management, Daily Management Systems and 3P for Facility Design
  • Providing extensive training materials
  • Creating the infrastructure necessary to promote continuous improvement
  • Developing lean champions on the Board of Directors

About Teresa Deason

TERESA DEASON FOUNDER & PRESIDENT of Lean Synergy & Solutions, a high-impact consultancy devoted to coaching organizations to master key principles and practices that will lead to achieving their strategic deployment initiatives. From 2001-2003, Teresa trained under master lean sensei Mr. Chihiro Nakao from Toyota, Shingijutsu USA. She was one of the first to apply Toyota principles in healthcare. In 2012, Teresa developed the Deason Daily Management System™ which has been instrumental in transforming organizational cultures & driving improvement in staff engagement scores. She has led numerous study trips in North America. Teresa is a co-author in the book Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey in 2010 & Servant Leadership; Transforming Healthcare from the Inside, Out in 2015.

Lean Synergy & Solutions Associates are former executives who are experts with deep understanding of transformation change implementations. In addition to their range of 5- 25 years of experience, Lean Synergy & Solutions Associates are skilled strategists, change agents, coaches and developers of internal talent. We are experienced and comfortable working in the Board Room as well as on the front line.

"Implementing a system-wide management system starts at the top and requires leadership engagement and support beyond funding and verbal endorsements. Sweat equity on the part of leadership is a baseline requirement; no one can do that for you. "

- Teresa Deason, Founder / President, Lean Synergy & Solutions

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


We guide businesses to succeed by accelerating the rate of change within the organization on behalf of their customers and the communities they serve. As we grow our business, we will establish ourselves as leaders in providing high quality consulting services and affordable programs. By developing innovative approaches that leverage the client's internal resources as well as other local resources, we provide superior value to our clients.


Consultants come & go, teachers and coaches leave a legacy. The client organizations we serve, recognize us as key in ensuring their lasting success. Our work environment facilitates personal growth while building a network of meaningful and collaborative partnerships.


  1. Hire and develop great people - allow for individual self development while mastering quality skills
  2. Do what is best for our clients - listen and care for them beyond their expectations
  3. Pursue excellence in all that we do - it makes clients happy and gives real meaning to life
  4. Keep it simple - practice what we teach, focus on results and minimize administrative processes
  5. Be cost-effective - spend wisely to achieve our goals and values
  6. Be humble - it helps keep an open mind, caring attitude and respect for others
  7. Employ good judgment - doing what's 'right' when no one is looking makes empowerment work
  8. Under promise, over deliver - it builds precious credibility
  9. Consider the future - with an eye on the customer. Be flexible and open to new ideas and continuous improvement
  10. Teamwork - show respect at all times for the people & communities we work with because together we achieve more

System-wide Management System
Implementation Schedule

First 6 months

  • Educate and Train - leadership & staff
  • Implement Deason DMS™ across the organization
  • Identify improvement champions - early adopters

Year 1

  • Continuous Improvement Business Office established
  • Executive Leadership incorporates Strategy Deployment as the annual planning process
  • Value Stream approach to begin culture transformation

Year 1 - 3

  • Begin Improvement Workshops
    • Organize workspaces
    • Improve processes
  • Standard work established in most areas
  • Daily Management System

Year 3 - 5

  • Staff engagement approaching 100%
  • Alignment with customers & suppliers
  • Strategic alignment of Value Streams

Contact Teresa Deason
and Lean Synergy & Solutions

We believe the most powerful client-consultant relationships are based on collaboration. Our goal is to establish that relationship from the initial contact.

Contact us to discuss how we can help turn an existing challenge into an opportunity for lasting transformation. 

Reach me best by Email:  [email protected]  

All the best,

Teresa Deason
Founder, Point of Volition
Cresson, Texas